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January 09, 2017

Cooley’s Video / Photography is a custom portrait studio. We perform every task personally — from scheduling the sessions to putting the final touches on each order. We offer a high level of artistic quality and client service, We bring the Studio to our Senior to allow them to experience a Senior Mini Photo shoot on multiple backgrounds and studio sets.

Your order form provides general package information about your senior photos.

Your school sponsor will inform all students of payment due dates and senior portrait session dates. 


 High School contracts with Cooley’s Video for all official photographs of students and this includes the standard 'headshot' as its called for our Senior student's yearbook photo. However, please note a student may also choose to have senior photos taken by our photographers for personal use and needs.  

These A-C multiple poses packages are listed on the pictures order form, however photos taken without cap & gown will not be used for the yearbook and are only for the personal enjoyment of your family and friends and to hang on your family's wall of honor. Package D-F are one pose of cap & gown only photo packages. 


‪Cooley’s Video also offers such photo sessions with a variety of backdrops that will be brought to your school to create a Studio like atmospheres or you could arrange to take your student's photos at our studio location.

There will be additional charges at our location as with any professional photographer to do this.



NOTE:  Photo sessions that take place outside of the school are subject to additional studio fees.


~~~~~~~~~  Before and After the On-Site School Photography Sessions ~~~~~~~~~

‪  1) Sitting fee $10.00 (where applicable).

‪  2) Photo Package Fee (varies by selection).

  3) Student photo poses taken will be available for viewing, however - only the best images selected by our professional staff will be uploaded to your photo gallery.

  4) Photo images available for viewing will vary based on the package purchased at the time of each session. 


For example,

      Package A shall contain up to 10 photos,

      Package B shall contain up to 7 photos,

      Package C shall contain up to 6 photos,

      Package D shall contain up to 3 photos;

      Package E shall contain up to 2 photos;

      Package F shall contain up to 2 photos.

  5) All Student that purchase a package are given a password that will allow them to view their photos

      within 3-5 weeks of the photo session by accessing a digital download protected link.

  6) Returns/Refunds are generally not accepted. If you have a question about a refund ,

      please contact to inquire.  

      Note: 35% Processing fee will apply to all refunds subject to approval.

  7) No sitting fee refund if applicable.

  8) No Refunds after notification of photo gallery upload activation and distribution.

  9) Retakes will require all parties to fill out a request form and are subject for approval.



January 09, 2017

Dear Parents,

Seniors are at a tremendous stage in their lives, they have their whole future ahead of them and they aren’t afraid to think outside the frame for their photos. For many parents and families, the senior portrait has emerged as one of the biggest milestones, a moment to be frozen as this beautiful young adult emerges from childhood to a new stepping stone on their journey. We feel that it is vital to talk with the future graduate, ask them questions, learn about their future plans; invest in who they are as a person so their pictures genuinely reflect their many talents and personality.  At Cooley’s Video, we want to create images that are natural and reflect their inner spirit.


​TAKING TIME…with a personal touch.

In the world of digital imagery, devoted to “selfies”, and the SnapChat generation, it is important for us to create timeless photos to mark this life change with images of who you are and what is significant to you; captured the way it should be.  Having your senior portraits taken should be a fun and exciting time in your life. We will provide you individualized attention and will work with you every step of the way. Wardrobe should be an expression of your style and how you see yourself.  We will discuss many options leading up to the day of the shoot so you won’t be left wondering what to wear.  Following a session with CVP we will provide you with lots of photo options, social media ready pictures, and take the time to individually edit the images we collaborate on.  We take great pride in the work we do and our images will be a direct reflection of our time together. You will have pictures that will allow you to cherish the moment as a keepsake for years to come.


Thank you,

Cooley’s Video Production-Staff

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