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📸 Get ready to capture the magic of every event with Cooley's Instant Pixx! 🌟

Imagine attending an event where every smile, every moment, and every memory is beautifully captured by professional photographers. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through hundreds of photos to find your best shots because Cooley's Video brings you "Cooley's Instant Pixx,"

your passport to instant photo joy!

📷 Shoot: At any event, just let loose and have a blast while our skilled photographers work their magic. They'll capture your best moments, ensuring you look your absolute best!

🔐 Identity: All it takes is a single registration! Provide your phone number or email address to our friendly photographers, and you're all set to receive your personalized photo experience.

🌐 Share: No more waiting around! Instantly receive a link to your private photo gallery, continuously updated with the photos where you shine. You decide when and how to share these cherished memories with friends and family through social media and more.

But that's not all! Cooley's Video goes above and beyond with these exciting features:

🎨 Custom Branding: Elevate your event experience with personalized branding on your photos. Our artistic touch adds a professional flair to your memories.( add-on)

🖨️ Live Printing: Watch in amazement as your memories come to life with instant on-site photo printing. Hold your favorite moments in your hands within minutes! ( add-on)

📝 Simple Sign-Up: We've simplified the registration process, ensuring that it's hassle-free for you to get started.

📊 Analytics: Event organizers, get ready to level up! We provide valuable analytics and insights to help you understand photo engagement and sharing trends.

👥 Audience Insights: Dive deep into attendee preferences and behaviors with data collected during your event, allowing you to create even more captivating experiences.

Cooley's Video is here to transform your event experience, whether you're an attendee cherishing memories or an event organizer making waves. Join us with Cooley's Instant Pixx revolution and capture the magic of every moment!

For more information, contact us at:

📞 Cooley's Video 📞 Office: 773-572-8104 ✉️ Email:

Let's make every event unforgettable with Cooley's Instant Pixx! 🌟📸

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