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Our Social Booth / Photo Booth is Perfect for 


We offer a social media kiosk where guests can instantly post to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email or Text message. Some other great options are 10 second prints, animated pix, video and green screen technology. Housed in a modern sleek tower, Cooley's Social / Photo Booth is open air or enclosed to match your Style.


Call Us about our  2 Hours,  3 Hours,  4 Hours Packages and ETC.

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We believe that it is okay to step outside the box and mix business with pleasure (sometimes)… A  Cooley's  Photo Booth at your next event is definitely one of those exceptional times.  We know that every event is unique, so from pre-planning to the final production, our team works hard to capture your vision because our mission is to deliver an explosively fun and memorable photo booth experience for your guests to enjoy.





Want to add a personal touch of WOW to your event?  We offer several features to enhance the photo booth experience for guests, company and clients.


Green Screen…

Get ready to set the stage because with our Green Screen technology the world is your oyster.  Simply provide your theme/décor or where you want guests to take a virtual visit.  We can impose users into a wide-range of backgrounds turning them into instant jet setters with a photo booth print to prove it.



ROI / Social Media…

Instantly upload branded photos or videos to your social media platform and/or allow guests to upload to their personal social outlets.  Then sit back and track the ROI.



Videos are ideal for celebrations of every kind (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)  and to get instant feedback on an event or product launch.  Let your guest express how much they appreciate sharing the moment with you.  Whether you invite guests to leave a short-recorded message as a keepsake for the host or use the message to gather valuable customer testimonial feedback, there is nothing like capturing genuine sediments in the midst of the moment. 



Slow Motion Video…

How Slow can you go?  Our cameras captures 4-8 seconds of pure energy of guests having a blast at 240fps, then we play the video back in slow motion.  Slo Mo is the way to go when you want to make every mili-second dramatic and fun to relive.




Users tap the screen and receive a que to strike 3-4 quick camera worthy poses.  Then all images are instantly animated, branded with your information, printed and ready to take flight on social media. 



Premium & Customizable Backdrops…

Feel the need to spice things up with a seamless theme throughout your event?  Choose a backdrop from our selection of rich hues, sequins or textures.  Also our team can work with you to design a customized Step and Repeat backdrop plus add  stanchions to complete the red carpet look.

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